ScrapConnect is an evolving collaborative commerce portal that has been designed, developed and delivered by The David J. Joseph Company. DJJ has a long heritage of providing the highest level of service to consumers and producers of iron and steel scrap: brokerage, processing, transportation, and scrap management. DJJ has extended its coverage beyond scrap and today is the industry leader in supplying alternative metallic raw materials including Pig Iron and DRI/HBI products. Our standards for current and prospective employees are high, and we work hard each day to earn business from our customers tomorrow.

In 1997, ScrapConnect was designed and implemented for shippers as an internet-based system for accessing online information. Since its inception, ScrapConnect has provided secure access to shipments, mill weights, document detail, contract status, shipments applied to DJJ contracts, voucher detail, totals for DJJ checks issued within the last 30 days, DJJ office addresses, phone/fax numbers, check/contract address, and contact information.

Today, ScrapConnect offers advanced internet services to shippers, open market consumers, agency consumers, freight vendors, and the entire scrap processing community. It has become a full-fledged portal offering content, community and commerce services. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about ScrapConnect. Whether you are a current customer and thoroughly familiar with DJJ ( or a first-time visitor who had not previously known about us, we would like to hear from you. Tell us how we're doing. Tell us what more we could do for you. Tell us what more you would like to know about us or the industry we serve. Your input will be valuable as we continuously improve and shape ScrapConnect.


Thank you.

Tim Spitzmueller
VP, IT Systems
The David J. Joseph Company
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